Wireless Solutions

xircom wirelessThe reliability and security of a wireless network is dependent on the network infrastructure and structured cabling that make it work. Xircom Information & Communication Technology Limited is well experienced, with certified expertise, in deploying wireless LAN solutions for customers throughout Nigeria.

Our Wireless LAN Solutions fall into two primary categories:

1. Wireless Technology Rollouts – Larger wireless implementations involving complete site assessments, design, and implementation across multiple locations.

2. Wireless in a Box – Bundled, turnkey solution in a variety of sizes. Suitable for single or multiple site installations.

An easy to install, no license fee, budget-friendly wireless LAN solution

As the need for thorough wireless access increases, so does the need for wireless access points throughout a business’s facilities. This is often easier said than done. But we at Xircom Information & Communication Technology Limited happen to be experts in this arena, so we decided to create an easy solution that makes YOU look like an expert too. Wireless in a Box is a bundled, turnkey solution that includes wireless access points (APs), cabling, and installation, for various facility sizes:wireless xircom

Micro (1 AP): Suitable for businesses such as quick serve restaurants, mall stores, and small free-standing retail units.

Small (2 APs): Suitable for businesses such as sit-down dining, small sized retail buildings, and bank branches.

Medium (3-5 APs): Suitable for businesses such as medium sized retail buildings

Large (6-10 APs): Suitable for businesses such as department stores and large stand-alone buildings.

To tie a ribbon around this package, we can provide service via phone, web/email,and on-site support where necessary.

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