IP Surveillance

Security has often been described as the ability to protect human lives and material properties from any factor which portend to expose that person or his asset to a state of threat or jeopardy. In the world today the need for security cannot be over-emphasized, with security take the largest percentage allocation in a nations budget (this is a common trend worldwide). The rationale behind the emphasis on Security is the realization that ‘the potential growth and development of any entity could be harnessed to full capacity if there is an assurance of security to both human and asset’. The mode of security measures effected in a place is determined by the peculiar nature of the environment and what is the intent of the security i.e. what are manner of threat is been faced in the environment.

Thus today’s need for security consciousness is different from what it was a decade ago. For the unprepared business or an individual, today’s world can be a risky place. We may not like to think about it, but theft, kidnapping, burglary vandalism, terrorism and arm robbery is on the rise, security is a key concern the world over.

IP security solutions offer significant benefits over old-fashioned analogue systems including:

  • View and manage security data remotely over the Internet
  • Centralized data reduces business costs
  • Improved image quality and simplified video retrieval
  • Easy and cost-effective installation – no need for separate cabling
  • Eliminate camera downtime and blind spots

But, security means more than just surveillance. The flexibility and mobility of the data being captured is a tremendous asset. By combining the power of analytics with video surveillance technology you can gain a more complete view of your store’s operations.

Xircom Information & Communication Technology Limited’s complete IP security solutions combine digital surveillance technology, advanced imaging, and powerful analytics software to allow you to better understand in-store customer behaviours, optimize store layout and design, calculate conversion rates, analyse the success rate of in-store promotions, identify high theft areas, and minimize shrinkage.

Xircom Information & Communication Technology Limited’s Network Services Consultants will work with you and your security team to perform an analysis of available technology. Request a complimentary IP security solutions design quote or learn more about the solutions we provide.

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